Have you ever tried to order diabetes testing supplies through your insurance and had the process take weeks or months? Have you ever had to pay high co-payments or deductibles? Has your insurance forced you to see a doctor or refused to pay for as many test strips as you need or want?

After years in the diabetes industry, I’ve heard these complaints from people over and over again. That’s why I started Diathrive.

At Diathrive we believe in providing our customers with the most convenient, cost effective way to test their blood sugar. We believe in being the best at what we do and providing excellent customer service.

You don’t have to pay a lot for quality diabetes testing supplies. The FDA ensures all meters meet the same accuracy standard. Your doctor, insurance or pharmacist recommends the big brands primarily because those companies spend huge amounts of money on advertising.

Sign up for Diathrive and start saving money on quality diabetes testing supplies today. There’s a 100% money back guarantee so you truly have nothing to lose. Quality supplies are just a few clicks and a few days away from arriving at your door.

We hope you enjoy your supplies and look forward to serving you!

~ Mike

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I very strongly recommend Diathrive for anyone wanting quality diabetes supplies at wholesale prices. Stop overpaying for diabetes supplies the moment you subscribe!”

I am so impressed with this service. I decided to try it and it really is what it claims to be. My readings were on the high side when I first started using the meter, but it has settled down now. I can now figure out what my A1C will be before I get the test. It is amazing how close this meter is to some of the more expensive ones. The cost was a selling point for me and got me to try it. I am impressed, so far.

Carolyn T.

After teetering on the brink of diabetes for over 25 years, I finally tipped a year ago. I went from weekly testing to daily, from 4 different pills plus a daily injection, and one insulin. Finding test strips for my best meter became impossible when it was discontinued, and alternatives were just so darned expensive. So happy I found Diathrive. Meter works great and the lancets are so tiny I barely feel them. Hating the disease but loving this company.

Thomas H.

I’m so grateful I found a solution to test my glucose at an affordable cost. After going months spending hundreds of dollars on testing I researched and found Diathrive. They have made having diabetes affordable. They are prompt with shipments and deliver quality products. Thanks for your hard work.

Kristen B.

My husband and I are impressed with the cost savings, flexibility of supply ordering and Customer Service response! Even shared this with our Dr’s office!

Judith D

Okay so I’m not a diabetic but I like to test my blood glucose levels several times a day. The best way to do this I have found (by far) is with Diathrive. It is the best, most cost effective way to test your blood sugar. There are lots of health benefits to keeping your blood sugars under control but it can get expensive quick! Diathrive has allowed me to check multiple times a day for very little money. Thanks!

Tucker N.


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