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Diathrive is a new brand of diabetes supplies. We founded Diathrive to help you get hospital quality diabetes testing and other supplies at affordable prices.

We have a new vision of healthcare. Pricing is transparent. You only pay for what you get. You always know what you’re getting and how much it costs. When was the last time your health insurance company or healthcare provider told you that?

Why does it cost so much to manage diabetes today? Big pharma brands and big health insurance companies control the market and set prices where they make massive profits.

High prices and confusing insurance requirements leave people with diabetes with a tough choice between overpaying for supplies and not testing as much as they should to control their diabetes.

We started Diathrive so you don’t have to choose between controlling your diabetes and your wallet. Our test strips are 90% cheaper than what many people pay even when they have “insurance”. And they’re manufactured to our hospital quality standards by some of the largest manufacturing companies in the world.

Put the power of information in your hands.