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Have you ever tried to order diabetes testing supplies through your insurance and had the process take weeks or months? Have you ever had to pay high co-payments or deductibles? Has your insurance forced you to jump through hoops or refused to pay for as many test strips as you need or want?

At Diathrive we have a new vision of healthcare. Healthcare today is a confusing hassle. When you order from Diathrive you’ll encounter a totally different experience. You’ll get top quality products, transparent pricing, convenient delivery direct to your door and world class customer service. Our subscription model means you can “set it and forget it” and get supplies every three months or pause your subscription and you won’t be billed or shipped any product until you say so. With Diathrive you always know what you’re getting and how much it costs. When was the last time your health insurance company or healthcare provider told you that?

The FDA ensures all meters meet the same accuracy standard. Our accuracy study proved that our meter ranks among the most accurate in the world.

Give us a try today and find out what many doctors, healthcare professionals, diabetes educators and thousands of other people across the country already know: Diathrive doesn’t just conveniently deliver hospital quality diabetes testing supplies at affordable, transparent prices. We deliver peace of mind and confidence that you’re getting the best, most convenient deal every time. Trust us. There’s a 100% money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose.

How do we deliver you quality products at a discount?

The health care system is broken and it's only getting worse.  Big pharma brands and insurance companies have taken control of the industry and have set the prices so that they make massive profits.  

At Diathrive, we have a different approach. We don't work with insurance companies.  Instead, we work directly with you. This allows us to have transparent pricing.   That often times, is 80% to 90% less expensive than working through insurance.  

You shouldn't have to choose between controlling your diabetes and your wallet.  Diathrive makes diabetes management affordable and truly delivers confidence. 

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