Lower costs.
Improved health and productivity.

Diathrive Health is leading the charge to make positive progress and improve health and organizational outcomes. Our diabetes management platform actively engages people in order to foster a long-term behavior change that sticks.

Changing the way chronic disease is managed

The challenges of living with a chronic disease are complex, and solutions that narrowly address one or two factors are bound to fall flat. These complexities easily extend to employers, who feel the sting of lost productivity, rising costs, and increased absenteeism.

Diathrive Health is changing that. We remove the complexities, focusing on personalized care that increases productivity and quality of life.

Unlimited Diabetes Supplies

With personalized plans, participants have direct access to the highest quality testing supplies at the frequencies they need.

Personalized Guidance

Between our clinically-trained Health Advisors and guidance from people who live with diabetes, our diverse insights power the human side of health.

Insightful Data

Access to the Diathrive Health portal makes it easy to track, manage, and review health data in real-time.

Lasting Change

Through our partnership with the Behavioral Diabetes Institute, we identify and address the real barriers, health hurdles, and behavioral challenges to ensure our care plans deliver lasting results.


Diathrive Health is more than a vendor to MotivHealth. They are a strategic partner that recognized our concerns, needs, and goals. Diathrive Health demonstrated an incredible level of dedication and innovation throughout the implementation process. Their high-quality products and their expertise had a tremendous impact in lowering healthcare cost 85% which allowed us to provide significant savings for our employer groups and our members. While covering testing supplies 100%. We appreciate Diathrive Health’s enthusiasm in their continuous effort with MotivHealth to change the healthcare world for the better!!!”

Kim Huynh, Director of Operations, motivhealth

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