Your employees deserve
to thrive

A holistic approach means addressing the needs of the whole person. Our diabetes management platform responds to the exact needs of your employees, factors in psychological and social determinants of health, builds long-term motivation, and sparks a measurable decrease in your health costs.

  • Holistic Platform

    Our platform empowers both patient and provider with data and coaching to address the full continuum of challenges associated with diabetes.

  • Supplies On-Demand

    Personalized plans connect people to the highest quality testing supplies and deliver them directly, at the desired frequency.

  • The diabetes management revolution will not be automated.

    No nudges. No chatbots. Just personalized care. Artificial intelligence cannot simulate human empathy—and it has no way of relating to the experience of having diabetes. We understand how deeply chronic disease affects people, and that’s why we take a distinctly human-centric approach.

It’s time to put barriers in the rearview mirror.

Even the best laid care plans can’t deliver results when they’re up against the full gamut of health hurdles and behavioral challenges people experience. By leveraging the expertise of the Behavioral Diabetes Institute, Diathrive Health can quickly identify a person’s unique barriers so that we can customize a care plan to counteract them. Everything we do works to create lasting change.

  • Diathrive Health is more than a vendor to MotivHealth. They are a strategic partner that recognized our concerns, needs, and goals. Diathrive Health demonstrated an incredible level of dedication and innovation throughout the implementation process. Their high-quality products and their expertise had a tremendous impact in lowering healthcare cost 85% which allowed us to provide significant savings for our employer groups and our members. While covering testing supplies 100%. We appreciate Diathrive Health’s enthusiasm in their continuous effort with MotivHealth to change the healthcare world for the better!!!

    Kim Huynh, MotivHealth


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