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  • Do you take insurance?

    No, that’s why we can offer such low prices. (Learn more)

  • Can I use my HSA and/or FSA funds to pay for this?


  • Is it easy to cancel?

    Yes, you can cancel at anytime with just a few clicks.

  • What if I get too many supplies?

    Pause your plan with just a few clicks.  Reactivate when you are ready for your next order to ship.

  • Is the meter accurate?

    Yes, the FDA regulates all meters and requires them to be within 15% of the laboratory value.  Our meter is FDA approved and accurate to within 15% of the laboratory value.

  • How can your prices be so low?

    We are able to sell at wholesale prices because we don’t have to deal with insurance companies. 

    (Learn more)

  • Can I order an additional meter?

    You can add a second meter or lancing device at time of checkout.

  • How do diabetic test strips work?

    For great information about diabetic test strips Click Here to see our blog post.

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