Reducing Absenteeism With Better Diabetes Management

By Diathrive Health

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When diabetes prevents top talent from coming to work, it's time to take action. A company-sponsored diabetes management program can positively impact companies toward keeping employees in better health and reducing absenteeism.

We will explain absenteeism, common causes, and solutions to help employers to reduce it in the workplace.

What is Absenteeism?

Absenteeism is defined as the habitual non-presence of an employee at their job. Potential causes of over-absenteeism include job dissatisfaction, ongoing personal issues, and chronic medical problems like diabetes. This excludes paid leave and occasions where an employer has granted an employee time off.

The American Diabetes Association estimates that diabetes-related absenteeism costs employers over $90 billion yearly in lost productivity. The moral of the story is that employers can either enable their employees with better resources to manage their diabetes or take on the ramifications of employee absenteeism.

Diabetes Management and Business

Diabetes is costly for both employees and employers. Employers can do something to help employees with diabetes and make a strong business case to help them become healthier and more productive. A company-sponsored diabetes plan is a key solution.

First, it's helpful to understand the difference between managed and unmanaged diabetes. When diabetes is managed well, people with diabetes are less likely to experience health emergencies or problems that get in the way of daily life. Unmanaged diabetes can lead to high costs, serious health complications, and increased absenteeism.

Care management programs are positioned to help employers improve employee health, manage healthcare spending, increase productivity, and reduce costs and absenteeism.

Diathrive Health Enterprise Solutions

Diathrive Health Enterprise is optimized diabetes care management, driving savings for employers by providing unlimited glucose testing supplies, personalized guidance with clinically-trained Health Advisors, and diabetes education resources to support positive behaviors surrounding diabetes management. 

Our high-quality diabetes products and expertise has impacted employers in lowering healthcare costs and providing significant savings for employer groups and members.

Case Study: MotivHealth

Our partnership with Enterprise client Motivhealth had a tremendous impact:

Find out more about how a personalized, comprehensive approach to managing diabetes can make a difference in your workplace. Dive deep with us into what makes our diabetes management plans not just game-changing but life-changing.

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