Managing Related Conditions: Hypertension and Diabetes

By Diathrive Health

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Diabetes and high blood pressure often go hand in hand. Here's how employers can help people living with both of these conditions achieve better health and reduce associated healthcare costs. 

Hypertension and diabetes are among the top two primary contributing causes of death in the U.S. and significantly impact the cost of healthcare services, medicines to treat hypertension, and missed work days. Much of this financial burden is borne by employers.

Employers agree that evidence-based, company-sponsored health programs can improve workforce health, stabilize healthcare spending, and enhance performance and productivity. With better access to plans that provide accessible paths to the best care, employees with diabetes and employers can forge a supportive partnership.

Let's take a look at the relationship between diabetes and hypertension, and look into how employers can promote awareness of hypertension and diabetes grounded in a culture of health.

Understanding Hypertension

Blood pressure is the pressure against the walls of your arteries. When your heart pumps to send blood through your body, it creates pressure against the walls of the vessels. 

Most hypertensive persons are unaware of their condition since there are no early signs or symptoms. As a result, blood pressure must be checked regularly.

Symptoms of hypertension or high blood pressure include:

How the Employers Can Help

Companies can promote awareness of hypertension and emphasize the importance of managing high blood pressure to create a health-positive workplace culture by:

These activities can help encourage employees living with diabetes and hypertension to be healthier and more active while drastically lowering healthcare expenditures for them and the company.

It’s no secret that hypertension and diabetes are costly illnesses. They can both significantly impact employee health and productivity, and it’s only expected to get worse. The good news is that companies can help their workforce successfully manage chronic diseases like diabetes with an effective care management program.

Studies show that hypertension can be safely and effectively managed using a digital health platform, achieving better blood pressure control in conjunction with traditional office-based care. With our easy-to-use technology, employees can gain control over their hypertension and diabetes and lower their risk for costly health conditions.

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