Employer Responsibilities: the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021

By Diathrive Health

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While providing comprehensive healthcare benefits is vital to any employer's commitment to the well-being of their workforce, the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 (CAA 2021) introduced new dimensions to employer responsibilities. Here’s what you need to know. 

Employer Responsibility Under CAA 2021

The legislation in CAA 2021 imposes specific duties, including accountability, upon health plan fiduciaries. The act requires that fiduciaries procure health services and service vendors that operate only in the interests of plan beneficiaries. Further, it requires fiduciaries own their data and analytics and use it to assess what they pay for services and the quality of services. Employers play a pivotal role in achieving these objectives, as they are tasked with making informed decisions when choosing health services.

Compliance with CAA 2021 requires employers to evaluate the quality of the healthcare plans they offer. This includes:

How Diathrive Health Helps You

CAA requires that plan fiduciaries examine the specific needs of their populations as reflected in data and analytics. We can help employers and plans meet those CAA 2021 requirements. Diathrive Health performs a free claims analysis on employer populations to identify the prevalence and acuity of diabetes and then utilizes proven resources to engage people with diabetes in managing the condition with optimized outcomes. With easy implementation, active engagement strategy, and recurring analyses and reporting, we can help ensure you are making a positive impact for your business and your population. 

Our solution is uniquely designed to help people with diabetes and related chronic conditions in your workforce and their families achieve desired health outcomes. Plans save up to 80% of what they are currently spending on diabetes management costs when they switch to Diathrive Health, and members pay $0 for unlimited diabetes supplies, unlimited clinical support from credentialed diabetes care professionals (RN, CDCES, and more), and unlimited diabetes education to empower members in their individual health journeys.

CAA 2021 significantly impacts how employers approach healthcare benefits for their employees. By placing an emphasis on transparency and quality of care, the act enhances the overall healthcare landscape within the workplace. Employers must now approach the selection of healthcare benefits with a heightened sense of responsibility, recognizing their role in promoting the well-being of their employees.

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