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Since our business is offering diabetic test strips for sale, people frequently ask us questions like:

  • Why should I buy diabetic test strips?
  • How do diabetic test strips work?
  • How much do diabetic test strips cost?
  • Why are diabetic test strips so expensive?
  • What's the price of generic diabetic test strips?
  • Do you have discount diabetic test strips? Do you have low cost diabetic test strips?
  • Do you need a prescription for diabetic test strips?
  • Can expired diabetic test strips give false readings? Do diabetic test strips go bad? Why do they put an expiration date on diabetic test strips?
  • What are the different brands of diabetic test strips? Does the brand matter?

First here's why you should buy diabetes test strips. Testing your blood sugar is the first step in managing your diabetes. If you don't know what your blood sugar is how can you know what you need to do to control it? Diabetes test strips work very simply. A drop of blood is applied to the intake port on the strip, usually indicated by a clear area in the strip where you can see the blood run up the strip. Inside the strip the blood mixes with an enzyme. The meter then runs electricity through that mixture. The meter gauges the resistance to the electricity to determine your blood sugar reading. The simple answer to how much diabetes test strips cost is TOO MUCH! Why are diabetic test strips expensive? Basically it's because the manufacturers and insurance companies want to make as much money as possible. At Diathrive we offer high quality diabetes testing supplies at an affordable, reasonable cost. The most important consideration when buying test strips is that you buy them from a company you trust. At Diathrive we even provide you with control solution with every order so you can always verify the quality of your diabetes test strips. There are discount and generic test strips, but most of the time the strips we find online that are inexpensive are strips that are about to expire. Diabetic test strips have an expiration date because the enzyme on the strip can be affected by heat, cold, moisture and other factors. Damaged or expired strips can give false readings that are very far from your true blood sugar. That's why at Diathrive we always provide you with strips that are at least a year from their expiration date. Usually you have about 15-18 months to use your strips before they expire. If you're going to buy through your insurance you need a prescription and might have to meet other requirements. At Diathrive you don't need insurance or a prescription. Our prices are 30-90% cheaper than our competition and you get your supplies through priority mail. We're the most affordable, convenient option to get hospital quality diabetes testing supplies.

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