Insulin Pen Needles

Diathrive Insulin Pen Needles are designed for safe and comfortable insulin injections.

Special triple-bevel cannula, Silicone lubricant coating and thin wall technology provide optimal perforation and easy penetration for a painless experience.

Compatible Insulin Pens

Sanofi: ClikSTAR, SoloSTAR, JuniorSTAR
Lilly: KwikPen, HumaPen Memoir, HumaPen Luxura HD, HumaPen Luxura, HumaPen Savvio, HumaPen Ergo II, Humalog Pen
Novo Nordisk: FlexTouch, NovoPen 3&4&5, Innolet, FlexPen, Victoza, NovoPen Echo
Owen Mumford: Autopen Classic, Autopen Junior
Berlin Chemie: BerliPen Areo, BerliPen Junior

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