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Accurate and reliable supplies

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Real-time data visibility

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Individualized health coaching

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Save 60% - 85% on supplies alone

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Better Health

Improve overall population health 

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Diathrive Health solutions can lower diabetes management costs by up to 85%!

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“Diathrive Health is more than a vendor to MotivHealth. They are a strategic partner that recognized our concerns, needs, and goals. Diathrive Health demonstrated an incredible level of dedication and innovation throughout the implementation process. Their high-quality products and their expertise had a tremendous impact in lowering healthcare cost 85% which allowed us to provide significant savings for our employer groups and our members. While covering testing supplies 100%. We appreciate Diathrive Health’s enthusiasm in their continuous effort with MotivHealth to change the healthcare world for the better!!!”

- Kim Huynh | Director of Operations | | Insurance Company

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1 Unlimited Supplies

Get the highest-quality glucose meter and most advanced test strip technology on the market.

  • Our Bluetooth meter is durable, reliable, and exceeds FDA requirements for accuracy.
  • Our patented test strips are designed for durability, easier to use for people with dexterity impairment, and have a shorter pathway for improved accuracy. 

2 Data Accessibility

Data visibility for member and healthcare provider through smartphone app and provider data portal.

  • Members can record and track glucose readings and add important context to effectively make important daily health decisions.
  • Using our powerful provider portal, health care providers can see real-time data to help the participant make essential diabetes management adjustments for better results. 

3 Diabetes Education

Diathrive Health’s mobile education app teaches critical diabetes management topics via smartphone or tablet. These short, entertaining videos feature world-renowned diabetes educators. Members can watch anytime, anyplace, and at their own pace.

4 Health Advisor

Personal health coaches guide members to better outcomes. 

  • Improve medication adherence, A1c tracking, provider follow up, and glucose testing data review.
  • Members retain the same proactive coach over 12 months for consistent care.
  • Coaches work with members to create personal health improvement plans that are periodically reviewed and discussed.
  • Qualified Coaching Staff: Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialists (CDCES), Dietitians, Nurses, and Exercise Experts.

5 Savings

Diathrive Health saves employers/partners 60-85% on supplies alone. And it doesn’t stop there.

  • We work directly with manufacturers and sell directly to remove the cost layers of insurance and pharmacy. You and your employees no longer have to overspend for better health.
  • Access to affordable diabetes management reduces the cost of hospital and ER visits and other complications that come with poor diabetes management.

6 Better Health Outcomes

78% of people with diabetes don’t test as much as they should. 

Blood Glucose testing is crucial for a person with diabetes to control the condition before developing a significant medical event like hyperglycemia, kidney disease, heart attack, blindness, and amputation. 

Regular testing, along with education and support, reduce the likelihood of these conditions by half.

[2]Regular testing reduces the risk of:

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