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Why Diathrive?

Why should you shop at Diathrive instead of someplace else?


This is the 21st century.  You deserve to have the products you need shipped to you when you need them as cost effectively as possible.

Quality Control

We know diabetes supplies.  We include control solution with every order.  Every time you open a new box of blood glucose test strips, perform your first test with the control solution.  That tells you whether or not your strips have been damaged and ensures you get an accurate reading.  You can also use your control solution any time you get a test that doesn’t look right.  It can save you the cost and time associated with a trip to the doctor’s office by helping you make sure your equipment is working correctly.  It’s amazing to think that most of our competitors don’t even carry control solution as part of the full package they provide to you to help you manage your blood sugar and your diabetes.

Save on Distribution Costs

In order to sell diabetes supplies drugstores, pharmacies and other retailers have to pay for a lot of things in addition to the actual product costs of the glucose monitors, blood glucose test strips, lancing devices, lancets, control solution and batteries you buy from them to monitor your diabetes.  These include: shipping large quantities of product to their distribution warehouses, receiving that product at the warehouses, breaking down large containers of product into smaller pallets to ship to individual stores, stocking those products on the shelves at their retail locations and managing that inventory and keeping it looking presentable so that you, the consumer, will purchase it.  The costs of all the people who do all of that add dramatically to the costs, as you can see in the table above.

Save on Insurance Costs

Many people believe that insurance companies save you money.  In fact, when you pay for products like diabetes supplies with your insurance card, there are many additional costs that get added into the transaction.  For example, if you purchase at a pharmacy there is usually a Pharmacy Benefits Manager that manages that transaction between the insurance company and the pharmacy.  There are billing costs associated with the transaction where the insurance company requires certain software to be used and certain other documentation for the claim.  The insurance company then has to “adjudicate” the claim, meaning their employees compare the claim to your coverage to see if you qualify for the benefits you’re claiming.  While many of these functions are automated, some are not and managing the complex healthcare system requires more people and, you guessed it, more costs that get passed on to you, the consumer.  These costs are also illustrated in the table above.

What does this mean for you?

Today you can cut all of those costs and get your diabetes testing supplies as cost effectively as possible.  Get the same high quality testing supplies you can buy at your pharmacy for a fraction of the cost by shopping at Diathrive.