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Many people believe that certain blood glucose meters give more accurate results than others.  This simply isn’t true.  The FDA has to approve all meters sold in the United States.  All meters sold in the United States are required to meet the same accuracy standards.

In our experience, certain meters tend to give higher or lower blood sugar readings than others.  We once provided a new blood glucose meter to an old paratrooper.  He called a few days later and said, “On Monday my old blood glucose meter read 100 and the new blood glucose meter read 140.  On Tuesday, the new meter read 100 and the old meter read 140.  Which one is correct?”

Once sitting at my desk within a few minutes I tested my blood sugar five times with five different blood glucose meters using blood from my fingertips.  The readings ranged from 72 to 96!

The important thing is to use meters you’re familiar with and to understand whether they run high or low.  Sometimes the exact reading isn’t as important as the trends you identify.  You should consult a medical professional for personalized guidance about testing your blood sugar.

Important Features

Ultimately you should choose a blood glucose meter that meets your needs.  Some people want to use the myriad features requiring Internet connectivity.  Other people simply want the cheapest possible way to check their blood sugar.  Still others want or need a talking meter because they have visual problems.  Some need wider test strips because they have dexterity problems.  Each person may choose a different meter depending on his or her own individual needs.

Regular Testing

Diathrive sends you the right number of test strips that you ordered on time every time.  We save you the time and trouble of having to order or pick up your own test strips.  Fortunately all meters we carry save hundreds of tests in memory, more than enough to give your doctor the information necessary to treat your diabetes properly.

Any Questions?

Diathrive can’t provide you with medical advice, and nothing in this article or on this website should be construed as such, but please review our website and email us with any questions you have about how much time and money we can save you while helping you manage your diabetes.