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People diagnosed with type 2 diabetes are often started on metformin, one of the most common and trusted diabetes medications out there. Metformin works to lower blood sugar by increasing cell sensitivity to insulin, as well as reducing the amount of glucose your liver produces. But, just like other medications, this drug has side effects. If you use metformin immediate release (IR) you have probably experienced some of the top listed side effects [1]: nausea, vomiting, upset stomach, diarrhea. Any of these a little too familiar since you started taking metformin? Additionally, metformin IR is normally prescribed to be taken twice daily, as they are effective for a short amount of time, increasing the chance of missing doses.


If you struggle with any of these problems, don’t let it stop you from taking your medication as directed by your doctor. If you’ve already stopped using metformin because of these troubles, maybe it’s time to try again. Consider talking to your doctor about metformin extended release (ER). Metformin ER is prescribed as once per day, improving adherence for those using it. While it may not eliminate all side effects, ER could help you reduce or get rid of those stomach issues you may be experiencing while still enjoying the better blood sugar maintenance and long-term health. Studies and reported experiences have shown that people using ER maintain better glycemic control, experience less gastrointestinal side effects, and have an overall better experience [2, 3, 4].

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