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In a recent survey, the fear of daily finger pricking ranked among the top concerns of newly diagnosed people with diabetes. To further the point, painful finger pricking also ranked very highly as a frustration among individuals who have had diabetes for years. Due to fear, and past experience with pain, many people with diabetes either test less frequently than their medical professional recommends or, in some extreme cases, bypass testing altogether. Regardless of the reason, under-testing or not testing at all can lead to serious health problems down the road.

The most unfortunate part of this is that finger pricking doesn’t have to be a painful task that you dread daily. By learning a few proven steps, you can significantly reduce or eliminate the pain that comes from pricking your fingers. Even if you have to test multiple times per day. Download our guide to “More Effective, Less-Painful Finger Pricking” today to learn more.

Diathrive’s mission is really simple. We want to make life easier for people with diabetes. First and foremost, we do this by providing hospital-grade diabetic testing supplies at the lowest prices. We’re also building a community were people with diabetes can come for support, to learn tips and tricks from others, or to find their next favorite recipe.

Whatever your reason is for visiting, we hope our guide, as well as our other great content, will help you manage your diabetes and maintain your ideal lifestyle!

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The thing about diabetic supplies is that they’re not a want, they’re a necessity for maintaining your quality of life. Whether you work with us or go to your corner drug store, you have to buy them. So, why not give Diatrive a chance? By working with our team, you’ll get hospital-grade testing supplies delivered to your door. Best of all, we’re probably going to cost you less than what you’re currently paying. Did you just buy supplies or do you not need them right now? No problem, at Diathrive you can actually schedule your order to bill and ship when you want. It’s as simple as choosing the date at checkout. We like making things simple, fast, and as easy for you as possible.

Not that it really matters, but we’re also WAY MORE FUN to work with than the corner drug store.

$24.00 per quarter

Approximately $8 per month

What’s Included In My First Shipment?

Glucose Meter

Accurate results in 4
seconds on big screen

Test Strips

Require A Small Drop of Blood


30g disposable lancets make
testing easy

Control Solution

Ensures strips are working

Carrying Case

Take everything with you
wherever you go

Lancing Device

Choose one of 5 settings to
maximize comfort