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Do you change your lancet every time you check your blood sugar? Although many people don't here's why you SHOULD.

One diabetes topic that always gets a good laugh from the diabetes community is Lancets.

Have you seen the memes?

(See more great ones at the Savvy Diabetic)

Most suppliers give 10 lancets when you buy their kit. We give you more. For some, perhaps too many. But here’s why... 

Changing your lancet for every blood sugar check is the safest, cleanest, least-painful practice; not to mention it is the FDA-approved way.

We have talked with people who have literally tested for months at a time, several times per day, without changing their lancet. There are several reasons why you should change your lancet every time you check your blood sugar, or at least more often. You’ve probably heard many of them. For example, changing your lancet decreases the chances of infection. Used and dirty lancets can also affect glucose readings.

We think the most compelling reason to change your lancet every time is that pricking your finger will hurt less and will heal quicker if you do. Lancets are made with incredibly small needles that are marked in gauges like 28g, 30g, and 32g. The lancets you get from us are 30g. While it seems a bit backward, the smaller the number, the thicker the needles are. Even with a thicker gauge like a 28g, the needles are still incredibly small, and after one use the tip begins to dull and bend. After multiple uses, the tips start to resemble a fish hook. Instead of being pricked by a sharp point, you are being pricked by a blunt bent tip and then the sharp tip is tearing your finger as it exits. Ouch! Every time you use that same lancet the prick will become more painful. 

For a better illustration see the images below of a used syringe in a gauge comparable to that of a lancet. This is the same needle magnified 370x on the left and 2000x on the right. That's just one single use!

Every time a needle is used its tip will become more bent and damaged. The needle pulls microscopic amounts of tissue from your skin (No wonder it hurts more with each use!) and it stays on that needle, increasing the risk of infection or even putting glucose test accuracy in question. It’s much more safe, sanitary, effective, and less painful to change your lancet every time. 

We understand that not everybody changes their lancet with every blood sugar check. It is an extra step to take in the already daunting tasks associated with managing diabetes. But we encourage you to change more often. Don’t endure unnecessary pain or put your health at risk by reusing a blunt needle. Pack fresh lancets into your diabetes kit and see what a difference it can make.

Need lancets? You can get them in the Diathrive Health store, or call customer service at 1-866-878-7477

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