Break the mental blocks and find a path to success with your personal health goals. Here are some helpful tips from Jewels Doskicz to help you get started.

“I’m serious this time – exercise is going to be my new habit,” you may have told yourself, as you pulled on your socks, dusted off your sneakers, and laced them up. It’s a certainty that putting yourself first will spiral all sorts of positive into your life. So what gives, and why is it so darn hard to make it stick? 

Exercise, and other personal health investments, can be a mental game of sorts. It’s one that starts with a commitment to self: self-worth, self-care, self-respect. This is the starting line. 

There will always be reasons not to put your sneakers on, but there are plenty of reasons to lace up too. Once moving your body becomes a priority, you’ll crush the obstacles along the way.

What are you waiting for? Create a new habit, a regular ritual that will enhance your health and happiness. Don’t wait - do it now.

Listen to Your Heart

Listen to your heart, it’ll provide you with the wisdom and guidance that your mind may not. The first step to a healthier body is a healthier mindset. Identify any destructive, self-sabotaging thoughts you may harbor. If your mind is spinning like a broken record, full of pessimistic thoughts and an “I can’t do this” attitude, it’s time for change. Your mindset can be a stick in the wheel of forward progress to a healthier you.

Instead of drowning yourself in thoughts such as, “I’ve never done this over the long-haul in the past,” learn to say, “this time it’s different, I’m ready.”

Your quiet, inner conversations can be telling. Try a “walking diary” as you begin to exercise. By practicing mindfulness, you can start to figure out your small-world problems on walks, runs, and bike rides. It’s amazing how busy our minds are. It can take quiet moments with ourselves to realize just how busy-minded we are.

9 Tips for Success

Don’t miss out on important steps in the process:

  • Create a vision board. Get clarity on your goals and purpose - this will bring you joy.

  • Your story matters. Listen to yours and see if you can twist it into a more positive plot. Acknowledge your feelings and let them go. This process fosters hope and positivity.

  • Face challenges and learn from the lessons.

  • Thank your body. Diabetes doesn’t mean you have a broken machine. Your body is strong, smart, and capable. Thank it for everything it does for you. This will make it easier to “help it along” with the things it asks of you. Gratitude has a magical quality.

  • Commit to change.

  • Surround yourself with people who motivate you.

  • Find your underlying motivators. Listen to them and prioritize them.

  • Love and accept yourself. Get comfortable being you and make the necessary changes to take care of yourself.

  • Celebrate your victories – even the smallest ones are something to hoot about!

Living your best life possible is within reach. If you’re comfortable, please share your successes and stumbling blocks. With a community of support, we can all succeed together. 

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