Radical Transparency in Diabetes Testing Supplies

Huh, you might be thinking, what does transparency have to do with diabetes testing supplies? Turns out a lot. And transparency is critical to who we are at Diathrive. We've taken steps to debunk a lot of the marketing myths out there. Just take a look at our last post on meter accuracy for a good example.

Now let's talk about pricing transparency. There is very little difference in actual cost for the different brands. Some brands will tell you it's because they use more expensive materials to make their meter more accurate. While there are extremely minor differences in cost, usually what that actually means is that the company's manufacturer charges them more money.

The true cost of one box of test strips is a couple dollars. When you see prices either through your insurance or retail that charge you $10-$100 per box of 50 test strips, you should know that most of what you're paying is going to middlemen or into the pockets of whoever's charging you such high prices. At Diathrive we provide people with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes an affordable, convenient way of getting quality diabetes testing supplies. Check out our prices at our plans page.

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