FREEDOM to Choose Your Meter

First of all, happy Independence Day to all of you! We hope you're having a wonderful day with your friends and family that's full of parades, barbeques, and, of course, fireworks! As you're celebrating your personal freedom, we'd like to talk to you about a freedom in diabetes management that many people don't think about.


The freedom we'd like to discuss today is the freedom to choose your meter.

All too often, we hear stories from people who have been using the same meter for years because their doctor gave it to them when they were first diagnosed with diabetes. Even though the testing strips are very expensive they don't switch because their doctor gave it to them. Now, we're not pointing a negative finger toward doctors here. We're simply saying that just because your doctor gave you a specific meter doesn't mean it's the best or only option for you. 

What matters most in a meter is accuracy. Every meter that is sold in the U.S.A. has to go through the same FDA approval process to meet certain criteria. The primary criteria is this: 95% of the time, the meter must measure +/- 20% of an individual's actual blood sugar level. Meaning, if your blood sugar level is 100, your meter results will be between 80 & 120, 95% of the time. At Diathrive, we are very conscious of the outrageous prices people pay for meters and their accompanying test strips. While many of them tout fancy features, they all went through the same approval process.  

The reason our team has chosen to provide the On-Call Express meter is because of its accuracy, simplicity and price. We're able to provide the results you need to maintain your health at a fraction of the cost.  If you're not already doing so, we'd love to invite you to give us a chance to show you that there is a better, more cost-effective way to manage your diabetes. Click here to join today! 

Once again, we wish you a wonderful day with your family and friends, celebrating the freedom we enjoy! Happy Independence Day! 

Last fall, our CEO, Michael Hennessy tested 12 of the most popular meters on the market to compare results.  You can view the video here: 

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