Diabetes doesn’t just affect blood sugar. It affects every part of your body. Your skin is no exception. 

According to the American Diabetes Association, skin trouble is very common among people with diabetes. In fact, they specify that “As many as 1/3 of people with diabetes will have a skin disorder caused or affected by diabetes at some time in their lives” [1]. Taking care of our skin includes some of the familiar basics of diabetes care, such as managing blood sugar. Additionally, they say it is crucial to moisturize to prevent dry and chapping skin. But how can we make sure we are using the right type of moisturizer?

Diathrive has a solution for you. Our Diabetic Skin Treatment is designed for all skin types, especially dehydrated, irritated, cracked skin. Here are some of the key ingredients and their benefits:

  • Shea Butter - known for its protective properties from harsh environments such as the hot sun, provides hydration from loss of moisture

  • Soybean Oil - rich in Tocopheryl and a prime source of Vitamin E

  • Red Marine Algae - improves moisture levels, reduces fine lines, increases skin firmness, elasticity and cell turnover

  • Japanese Green Tea Extract - reduces skin irritation and redness, acts as an effective antioxidant to scavenge free radicals

Lists of ingredients and claims of effect are one thing. But, does it work? We did a little test here in our offices as we always do with the products we provide. 

One of our team members had an irritated rash on his leg. Just minutes after one application the redness and irritation decreased significantly. 

Individual results will vary of course based on many factors. Want to try it for yourself? Click here for more information: https://diathrive.com/products/product/diathrive-skin-lotion/


[1] American Diabetes Association: Skin Care. 2016.  http://www.diabetes.org/living-with-diabetes/complications/skin-care.html

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