Are You Prediabetic? Take The Prediabetes Test

1 out of 3 Americans has prediabetes (84,000,000 people). Only 10% of them know they have it. People with prediabetes could develop type 2 diabetes within several years and are at higher risk for strokes and heart disease. Knowing whether or not you have prediabetes, you can make important decisions to improve your health status. The test is based on demographics and statistics from previous studies on diabetes risk.

Prediabetes Test

Answer the following questions.  If you answer YES to a question, give yourself a point.  Keep track of your total score.  

  1. Are you male? +1
  2. Has anyone in your family had type 2 diabetes? +1
  3. Do you exercise less than 2 times per week? +1
  4. What is your age? Over 40?, +1, Over 50? +2, Over 60? +3
  5. Are you overweight? +1

If your total score = 5 points or more, you're chances of developing prediabetes is high. The only way to know for sure is to do a blood sugar test. You can do this with your doctor or you can order an at home blood sugar test by clicking here. Early diagnosis of prediabetes is a good thing. By changing your diet and exercising you can often reverse the disease. Commit to make healthy lifestyle choices. Educate yourself about the disease. Take control of your health. 

To read some of our Healthy Lifestyle Tips click here   

To download a free brochure from the American Diabetes Association on What is Diabetes click here   

Source: American Diabetes Association  

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