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Wondering if you’re prediabetic?
Take the Test to Find Out Now!


1 out of 3 Americans have prediabetes (84,000,000 people).  Only 10% of them know they have it.


People with prediabetes could develop type 2 diabetes within several years and are at higher risk for strokes and heart disease.


Prediabetes Test


Answer these questions.  If you answer “YES” to a question, give yourself a point.  Keep track of your total score.


  1. Are you a man? +1
  2. Has anyone in your family had diabetes? +1
  3. Do you exercise less than 2x/week? +1
  4. Over 40? +1 Over 50? +2   Over 60? +3
  5. Overweight? +1


If your total score = 5 points or more, you’re likely prediabetic.  The only way to know for sure is to do a blood sugar test.  You can do this with your doctor or you can order an at home blood sugar test by clicking here.


Early diagnosis of prediabetes is a good thing.  By changing your diet and exercising you can often reverse the disease.  Commit to make healthy lifestyle choices.  Educate yourself about the disease.  Take control of your health.


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Source: American Diabetes Association